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Structural Solutions

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Wall Ties

Wall Ties

Bensleys' qualified wall tie surveyor will carry out a detailed examination of the wall construction using a boroscope to determine whether additional or replacement wall ties are required.

Corroded cavity wall ties can cause damage to the mortar joints where they are imbedded in-between the brickwork. This can cause bowing of the walls or lifting of ‚Äčthe brickwork and damage to the internal or external finishes. If moisture comes into contact with steel wall ties it can cause corrosion which in turn can lead to wall ties increasing to several times their original size. In some cases this can make the property unstable and even cause walls to topple.

Similarly, weakened, broken, or damaged ties - or an insufficient number of ties - will reduce the stability and strength of cavity walls, making the property itself unstable. That's why it's important to identify any defects as soon as possible and carrying out remedial works to correct the problem - otherwise it may be necessary to re-build the affected walls.

Wall ties will be installed by Bensleys' specialist trained operatives following current regulations and will include isolating existing wall ties and any associated making good. A survey inspection can be carried out by Bensleys' surveyor followed by a detailed report, recommendations and estimates.
Cracked walls
Cracked walls, suspected to be due to wall tie failure.
searching for existing wall ties
Bensleys surveyor using handheld metal detector locating existing wall ties.
Using an endoscope to assess external wall
Bensleys surveyor, using endoscope to ascertain the condition of concealed wall ties.
Triton wall tie close up
Triton Chemicals AA10 stainless steel wall tie.
External Re-rendering Solutions

External Re-rendering Solutions

Bensleys offers a full range of external re-rendering solutions, including lime-based renders or insulation-backed renders, carried out by Bensleys' fully trained plasterers. We are also able to offer external waterproofing solutions using modern materials and methods.
Re-rendered elevation
Monocouche re-rendered elevation (courtesy of Fullers rendering).
Re-rendered chimney stack
Newly rendered chimney stack.
Re-rendered gable elevation
Externally rendered and newly painted gable end elevation, to seafront property.
Re-rendered gable and chimney stack
Re-rendered gable end elevation and including chimney stack.
Masonry Stitching

Masonry Stitching

Under the watchful eye of the structural repair team, Bensleys can provide external masonry repairs where movement to the building has affected the wall structure. This can be due to a number of factors including thermal movement, subsidence, lintel failure and of course exposure to the property from the elements. Work carried out by Bensleys will be covered by a long term guarantee.
Cracked brick wall
Steps crack to the external brickwork.
Vertical crack in brick wall
Vertical crack and ‘spalling’ to external brick elevation.
Severe cracking in wall
Severe cracking, possibly due to subsidence.
Stainless steel stitching rods close up
Twist metal stainless steel rods used for ‘stitching’ repairs to masonry.